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HEY. HEY GUYS. HEY. DO IT. Then post your links so I can do it for you.

I came from the Manila production of Cats yesterday! I know, I know, not everyone's cup of tea. I do love my musicals though, and I personally don't see why Cats gets as much hate as it does ("Overrated!" "The music's boring." "I DON'T GET IT AHHHHHH!") because the music's very, very nice and its simple plot is refreshing. YES, people who kept asking me to explain it, it's really easy to understand the plot. SPOILER: Listen closely to the Jellicle Cats song at the start. No, really. Do it.

Watched with The Boy's family, all of whom had the aforementioned things to say about it. I played interpreter as I'd seen it before and could anticipate the songs (and questions!) but while I personally enjoyed it-- it far exceeded my expectations! Philippine musicals are usually really lacking-- they spent most of the time clamoring for Memory. Lea Salonga was Grizabella. She sang well (as always) but... it really wasn't a good role for her. The character's so old and, well, Grizzly and Lea's voice is so young and clear...

Not much else happened after that. Had a late dinner at Italianis while I struggled with the terrible insecurity I tend to develop around The Boy's mom and sister. Th-They look like supermodels. A bunch of people crowded his sister because they thought she was an actress. AHHHH?!!? ;A;


Reading Highschool of the Dead now. I don't know why it's taken me so long to start it. ZOMBIES.

Um. That is all. o/
AAaaaaaa chapter 593 aaaaaaa I'm pretty sure we're going to get Shichibukai Buggy soon. Oda went through all that trouble of mentioning Moria's disappearance so I'm definitely not discounting the thought oh god I need to learn how to time travel. Also: Who here still thinks Sabo's going to pop up one of these days? Maybe not even within the next year or so, but... I'm getting this horrible feeling that Luffy's eventually going to storm the Holy Land and... find... Sabo... IDEK.

Discedo folks! I won't bother putting up notice on the ooc comm since the ones that'll really be affected are already on my f-list, but: I'm heading to Hong Kong this weekend! Expect serious slowness on my end as if I haven't already been the last few days orz 'cause while I'll have internet there my aunt tends to kick my ass when I just sit around on my computer.

THIS WEEK. Has been a terribly busy week. Design class told me I had to reinvent one of the local restaurants in a week. Then it kicked me in the stomach and made me post three more logos. I had to pirate Adobe Illustrator the night before submission was due because the goddamn official site wouldn't give me a free trial, then I had to scramble to get through Philosophy orals. You guys wanna know what's so goddamn special about Crete? IT'S ABSOLUTELY BORING. THAT'S WHAT. I kid. It's pretty interesting. It's just... long. Really long. And hard.

I was going to upload the pics from our Mafia-themed Org Party last week but The Boy forgot to give 'em to me. So, uh. Have this neat picture from tumblr instead!

That is all.

Jul. 19th, 2010

A quick check-list of stuff I need by tomorrow afternoon. Putting it here for personal reference:

[x] Colored
[x] Black and White
[x] Dark Background

[ ] Letterhead(s)
[ ] Letter Envelope
[ ] Business Card

Generic Ads
[x] 11"x17" Poster
[ ] 1x3 meter Banner
[ ] Moving Online Ad

Brand Touch Points
[ ] Design One (Uniform)
[ ] Design Two (Menu)
[ ] Design Three (Table Napkins)

AHHHHH but mommy I don't want to re-design a restaurant. ;^;
Someone's on rpanoncomm is trolling in Tagalog.

This is.


/trolls the troll

Video Killed the Radio Star

Wow. That was, what, two or three years of radio silence? Holy shit.

If anyone on my f-list is still out there... I guess I've got some explainin' to do. I finally-- finally-- have steady internet service and a good computer to use it on. A laptop, even, which is so much more than I'd initially hoped for. At any rate, I'm studying so much less these days that the internet has started to pull me back in. Curse you gravity! CURSE YOUUU.

Been hanging around fandom Kink Memes and other anonymous shit trying to get my internet groove back but I'm not sure if I should start RPing again, considering what a huge mess I made of it last time. And I totally need to resist the urge to try my hand at playing Edgeworth. I just. Should not.

... I think I'm just talking to myself now. Anyhoo.

Let's see if I can keep this up...

Anime TCG Card Post


Anime TCG Mastered Decks

One Piece: A Heightened Sense of Things

Title: A Heightened Sense of Things
Rating: G
Fandom: One Piece
Character/Pairing/Group: very mild ZoroxLuffy
Length/Format: Drabble (300 words)
Chapter: N/A
Summary: Luffy's absence makes for a suspicious Zoro.
A/N: Written for onepieceyaoi100 (topic: Unseen) even though I still can't believe I wrote something for a yaoi community. It's the only competative One Piece drabble community I've come across so far so... bear with me my poor heart~ ;__;

Zoro sees all...Collapse )

Bleach and Hikago: Drabbles

Title: End
Rating: G
Fandom: Bleach
Character/Pairing/Group: Uryuu (gen)
Length/Format: Drabble (100 words)
Chapter: N/A
Summary: Uryuu thinks in the midst of battle.
A/N: Done for drabble_trade. I rather liked this one.

Uryuu liked purpose...Collapse )

Title: Unreachable outcry (version 2.0)
Rating: G
Fandom: Hikaru no Go/Naruto crossover
Character/Pairing/Group: Hikaru, Akira
Length/Format: Drabble (100 words)
Chapter: N/A
Summary: Hikaru lives up to his name.
A/N: Done for drabble_trade. "Unreachble outcry" is the title of the episode right before Sasuke ditched everyone. It was apt, I believe.

They were both desperate at this point.Collapse )